British Business Club Düsseldorf e.V.

A Talk on “BitCoin, Blockchain, Crypto….what´s it all mean ??”

February 23, 2021 7:30 pm

To help guide you through the jungle and confusion which some of you may be experiencing about this topical and increasingly important sector we have planned an evening with experts in this sector. Kevin Ballard and one of his partners in Block Asset Management S.a.r.l. will answer questions and provide insight into the seemingly complicated and often misunderstood emerging sector. An explanation of the following topics and more is planned;-

  • What are Digital Assets?
  • Bitcoin, why is it the market leader and is it an asset or a currency?
  • Blockchain, what is it and what are it’s uses?
  • Etherium, how does this differ from Bitcoin?
  • Stable coins, what are they?
  • Are Institutional investors entering the space?
  • Q&A Session

Don’t miss this event which will be chaired by Andrew Peat whose aim is to provide a comprehensive, yet understandable, explanation about this exciting emerging sector.